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We have planted 4000 “winter hardy, cold climate” vines and the success has been both inspiring and spectacular.

These remarkable varieties have withstood temperatures in our vineyard of below –35 degrees centigrade. Could this be Napa or Niagara north! Not yet. But?

Green Gables Vineyard has successfully grown these hardy varieties and created some very special wines based on our unique “terroir”. Terroir is a French word that wineries have borrowed to reflect the distinct range of local influences that are transmitted into the character of the wines (e.g. the soil, weather conditions and local geography). Our vineyard is situated next to a climate modifying hillside, surrounded by a mature forest, and has lots of southern exposure. The soil (rocky with sandy loam and a limestone base) is not unlike that of the Bordeaux region of France. Like the Bordeaux region, our vineyard is also on relatively flat land. However, our winters …oh, our winters. That’s where any comparison to France, California, or Niagara stops! Our winters challenge our vines and brings out the very best qualities of these varieties… and they love it.

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